Sweetie Coop (redwood)


The Sweetie is our smallest coop and is a real people pleaser.  It  can accommodate up to 4-5 chickens . The coop is very stylish and very sturdy.  All latches and hardware are made with galvanized or zinc plated which ensures they will not rust.  The exterior is all  new redwood and the framing is  Douglas Fir; we recommend that you paint or stain the legs for added protection.  

We use new redwood.    We have found that the old redwood is too dry and frequently cracks posing long term problems.  There is an observatory window and one large nesting box.   We also include a baby chick roosting bar which can be later removed when your chickens are full grown.

 The coop is easy to pick up and move and would allow you to move it to different spots in your garden.  The coops dimensions are  approximately 3' x 4.5' with roof overhang; height is approx. 5'0 at ridge.    We have designed all our coops to be able to fit through standard garden gates; and nesting boxes are protected from roosting bars.    We are confident that you will not find another coop at this quality elsewhere!  Built in Marin County. 

 UPGRADES:  redwood leg upgrade $99.  Cleanout door $99.99.  Automatic Door opener: $255

We deliver coops within the Bay Area - call for quote.  Sorry - we are not set up to ship our coops.  The redwood and 2'x'4 framing makes it too heavy and  bulky.