• DooKashi - Poultry Brooder and Coop Deodorizer


    DooKashi is a litter additive that is designed to eliminate litter box odors and reduce harmful pathogens at the microbial level.  Can be used in the brooder box, nesting boxes and coop.   Completely safe  to use with baby chicks .  Mix with pine shavings and helps make the bedding last longer.  DooKashi also can be safely thrown into your compost pile.

     Made from natural ingredients (wheat bran, probiotics, blackstrap molasses and purified water,) is one of the few pet products that is non-GMO verified. DooKashi works via its key ingredient, a probiotic blend, by rendering pathogens inert. Once the pathogens are removed, the odor is gone.

    Contents:  OMRI LISTED:  organic rice bran,  Probiotic, Blackstrap Molasses, Purified Water.

    2 LBS.

    or 4.5 LBS