Coop Control - organic carbon knocks out flies!


Do you have FLIES?  This is the  best product to knock them out!

This is a new product for us and we are loving it.  It is a bio based, organic carbon that reduces 'fowl' odors in your chicken coop.   It is safe for chickens and baby chicks to ingest and also offers the additional benefit of soil improvement. 

 Sprinkle evenly across the coop to a depth no greater than 1/8".   In the brooder box we use 5 parts shavings to 1 part coop control. . Replace whenever odors return. Coop Control is safe for chickens to ingest and offers the additional benefit of soil improvement.   It can also be thrown into the compost pile.

Cutting down the smell in your coop will reduce the number of flies pestering your flock. Too many flies can cause stress on chickens, which can result in lower egg production. Coop Control is also good for your soil. It has a low density and benefits areas with dense soil by increasing drainage and aeration.

  • Sprinkle in pen to minimize odors
  • 97% bio based organic carbon
  • Safe for chickens to ingest
  • 1 gallon

It really act like a magic agent ...