Chicken Fun Doo - Mix of: scratch, mealworms, oregano, flax and chili flakes ...


  • Hot mama!!  This A healthy and YUMMY  treat for your pampered hens!    This mix of scratch, mealworms, oregano, flax , chili flakes and oyster shell will delight you too.  Latest research shows that oregano and chili flakes are an anti-bacterial superfood.  Perfect snack for chickens under the weather.
  • Chickens can taker on any chili peppers without blinking an eye... but if you have young children make sure they don't rub their eyes after feeding the chickens the blend.

  • Non GMO & Soy Free

  • Guaranteed Analysis: 20% Protein(MIN.), 5% Fat(MIN.), 3% Fiber(MAX), 11% Moisture(MAX)
  • comes in 3 and 5 pound sizes

  • Ingredients: Non-soy GMO pellet, mealworms, wheat, recleaned oats, milo, maple peas, white proso millet, oil sunflower, safflower, chili pepper, oregano, flax seed and oyster shell

  • 5 LBS