Chick Brooder/Playpen


 This versatile and free standing pen is just amazing for so many reasons.  It can be used for a brooder for chicks up to 6 weeks indoors - using a plastic liner as shown in photo.   Pine shavings can be placed on the bottom.  The pen can  also be placed directly outdoors for young pullets that you are trying to integrate with your existing flock - and there is a plastic liner that can be purchased separately  for a roof . AND ,  A mama hen can also live comfortably in this play pen with her new baby chicks - and there is a door that allows them to come and go.

The playpen collapses for convenient storage.  The plastic liner is sold separately. ($30.99) Can be used on the bottom when indoors and the chicks are small;  and then can be used as a roof when the chicks are outdoors directly on the soil and need a protective roof. 

Trust us - this will come in handy over the years --- great for  baby chicks, mama hen, or infirm hen.

43L x 43W x 29H inches