Chick and Chicken Feeder by Brite Tap


The BriteTap chick feeder has a unique adjustable shield that blocks chicks from standing on the feed tray and pooping in their food. The feed stays clean. There's less waste and less cleaning work for you.    This feeder can later be used outdoors with the hens for treats, grit and oyster shells.    The unit is waterproof and can also be hung.



A Better Feeder for Baby Chicks

  • Unique shield blocks chicks from perching on the feed tray. Food stays clean and poop free.
  • Shield can be raised as chicks grow. Let's them eat comfortably while still preventing them from perching on the feed tray.
  • Easier and less messy to fill than Mason jar feeders -- fills from the top. No need to turn over the feeder when re-filling so there are no spills or wasted feed.
  • Occupies very little floor space in your brooder -- 8" diameter.
  • Feeder and feed tray hold 4 cups (20 ounces of feed)
  • All parts are safe to wash in the top rack of the dishwasher.

An Outdoor Feeder For Adult Chickens

  • Great for providing scratch, meal worms, girt, and oyster shells to adult chickens.
  • Shield prevents rain and snow from spoiling food in the feed tray when used outdoors.
  • Can be hung from a hook.
  • Easy transition - if using the BriteTap feeder with adult chickens for the first time, make sure to mix scratch, meal worms, feed or other super tasty food with girt and oyster shells. Then dial back the "tasty" stuff over time. The chickens will then know where to find oyster shells and grit.