• Brite Tap - Chicken Nipples (waterer)


    BriteTap® Automatic Chicken Nipple Waterer

    This is a fairly new product that helps keep your chickens water clean since the nipples make it impossible for droppings or dirt to get kicked into the water - like conventional waterers.  

    The unit has 2 " nipples"  that can be easily attached to any Rubbermaid or Igloo brand water coolers (2-10 gallon size) 

    Why The BriteTap Waterer Is The Best Poultry Waterer

    ·        Keeps water sparkling clean and healthy for chickens.

    ·        Less daily work for you --- No need to clean the waterer every day.

    ·        Keeps chickens happy and prevents boredom because they enjoy pecking at the chicken nipples.

    ·        Doesn't rust like metal waterers.

    ·        Set up is fast and easy. No special skills or tools required.

    ·        Easily attaches to Rubbermaid and Igloo brand water coolers and other plastic containers that act as the water supply tank.

    ·        Supports up to 16 chickens.

    ·        Works for baby chicks, chickens, ducks, guineas and other small fowl.